The Panaad Festival 2019 in Negros Occidental Province


The Panaad Festival 2019 in Negros Occidental Province: 5-day Visit

Grateful to have been selected and invited by the Tourism Board of Negros Occidental. We were 1 group, 5 people in total. Bloggers from Manila, Davao and Bacolod City.

Picked up at the airport by the Bacolod city Tourism representative, Nelrose, we began the day by having a small Filipino sweet snacks such as hot chocolate, coffee, kakanin ( sweet rice cake) and fun chatting to start. Basically had a tour at one of the bed and breakfast accommodations in Bacolod city, German Unson Bed & Breakfast.


German Unson Bed & Breakfast place provides the comfort of accommodation while reminiscing the old times.

Day 1

What and where to visit

Victor Fernandez Gaston Ancestral House

Visiting the museum’s old collection remained from the world war might as well be entertained by the staff’s charming knowledge about the museum and the costume that they’re wearing.





Chapel of Cartwheels

Chapel of Cartwheels is certainly one of Negros Occidental’s pride. Upon entering, you’d feel a warmth feeling during the hacienda days in the ’60s. And up until then, it has continued to attract tourists. There’s so much history underneath each detail of this Chapel of Cartwheels.

the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province The Panaad Festival 2019 in Negros Occidental Province the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province

Gaston Mansion

Gaston Mansion is one of the heritage houses located in Manapla. Just beside the Chapel of Cartwheels, we were accommodated to listen to the fascinating story and history of this mansion. It is also attracting tourists and visitors and it is one of the most popular mansions. Panaad Festival 2019

During our visit, there were beautiful kids practicing their local music preparing for the competition since it was that time, the festival.

the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province

Hacienda Crafts

Get to know and might as well take home some souvenirs from the Hacienda Crafts that is really handmade such as lamps, hats, etc.  This place has also been helping people in the community as it helps boost their livelihood.

Day 2

Silk Factory

Silk is widely popular among locals of Negros. We got the chance to tour around the factory, picked some mulberry fruits from mulberry plants that widely produce foods for silkworms.

the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province

Organic Farm

If you’re health conscious, one of the ultimate places to visit is the Twenty Six Herb Garden where they grow their fruits and vegetables, even chickens, organically in their backyard! To know more, you can visit their facebook page here.

the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province


Watch the Panaad Festival

In the afternoon, what was queued in one of our activities was to watch the opening ceremony of the Panaad Festival, Panaad sa Negros with a Theme of “Beyond a Promise”. A legacy at Panaad Stadium The ceremony was being opened with singing the National Anthem, followed by showcasing the beauties of 33 candidates from all towns and cities of Negros and the most awaited Best of festival dances competition.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to witness all the amazing dance competition, but we sure did have a great time watching and being entertained by some of the first groups, and we’re totally stunned by their performance!

The Panaad Festival 2019 in Negros Occidental Province The Panaad Festival 2019 in Negros Occidental Province the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province

I personally recommend watching the full performance of the participants. You’d totally enjoy!

Day 3

If you have plenty of time, head down to San Carlos city where you can enjoy yourself and go on a day trip at some small locally own resorts. Might as well include visiting or watching locals make their own sweets made from coconut, ” bukayo ” and coconut bread.

San Carlos City is around 2-3 hours drive by car from Bacolod city.

the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province

And don’t miss the Instagramable hill, like, where taking a photo is a must!

The Panaad Festival 2019 in Negros Occidental Province

Day 3

Where to go and visit

Negros Museum

Get to know the stories and histories of Negrense by paying a visit to Negros museum. It also preserves the rich history and culture by its arts. Although as of the moment, only the first floor is open for public, while the second floor is under renovation.


the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province

Negros Forest Park

Jus close to the provincial capitol of Negros Occidental, Include Negros Forest Park on your itinerary. For animal lovers, this one must not be missed. Here you’ll find different endangered species such as owls, deers, wild boars/ pigs, and birds. Leaving some donations as well can go a long way.


Where to eat

Punong Gary’s Place

Take note of the privacy that this place wants to maintain. Anyone wants to dine in here must have a reservation. The menu includes a 9-course meal. ( photo). We also got to be toured around the huge property. Punong Gary’s place offers a variety of accommodation with guaranteed tranquility and privacy.


Take advantage as well of the property’s Instagrammable hammock on the water.

the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province

Fresh Start Organic and Natural

Yes. Everything organic those who are health conscious, vegan, vegetarian. Run by the family who also grows their own organic farm in the backyard, everything is fresh and delicious without breaking the budget. See the menu below.

the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province

Go Local, try Manokan Country

Bacolod is known for its best Chicken Inasal. This place offers a variety of local chicken dishes such as grilled chicken feet ( my favorite), Chicken Inasal style of course, and many many more! When in Bacolod City, please don’t miss this!

Did you know?

Aklan, capital of Kalibo (famous for its white sand beach, Boracay) is the most visited province in 2017 and the top foreign tourists in the same year are Korean ranking to top 1, followed by China, USA, Taiwan, and Australia as the 5th. See the photo below.

the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province The Panaad Festival 2019 in Negros Occidental Province

What else not to miss?

Visit Jojo Vito’s design gallery and try to paint your own maskara! Bacolod City yearly holds the mascara festival and at Jojo Vito’s Design Gallery, you’ll have access to all kinds of creative mascaras. To know more, you can visit his official Facebook page here. Special thank to Jojo Vito of for accommodating us especially the super mouth-watering local kakanins he’d prepared for us!

The Panaad Festival 2019 in Negros Occidental Province the-panaad-festival-2019-in-negros-occidental-province The Panaad Festival 2019 in Negros Occidental Province

There are so great deals of activities to do in the province of Negros Occidental, should you have plenty of time, I hope you’ll discover amazing things about this incredible place. Have fun!

Indeed, the Panaad Festival fam tour had many activities in line yet it was fun. All activities were tailored especially for us and it was quite exhausting, but we were greatly taken care of the staffs like Hanie and Nelrose.

Mighty thanks to the Provincial Province of Negros Occidental, Nelrose, Department of Tourism staff for inviting us over.

Disclaimer: All the tours and activities are part of the Negros Occidental Fam Tour 2019 but all reviews and write-ups are honest and mine.


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