Club Ultima Scam -

WARNING: Club Ultima / Crown Regency FREE Hotel Accommodation – A Professional SCAM

Last updated on February 18th, 2018

Recently, I received a mysterious call from one of the agents of a company named Club Ultima.

FREE 3D2N Hotel Accommodation courtesy of Crown Regency

The agent stated that I have been chosen (with other 14 winners) from all other entries to receive a gift certificate worth 3D2N stay FREE hotel accommodation from Crown Regency. Upon hearing this, I was like struck with delight. We all love gift certificates and free items, who would not want to get those?

He said that the gift certificate has no financial obligation and that I have nothing to worry about. By then, he started asking my credentials, name, status, number, etc, to be eligible for the gift certificate. Being an excited one, of course, I gave out my details. We’re travelers after all. As much as possible, we would like to kick in on cheap and or free hotels. And by the name Crown Regency, which is a 5-star hotel, my senses came to life. I was so interested and excited.

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I was still wondering how they got my information so I asked him. He told me that there was someone who checked in at the hotel and added my name and number to the referrals. Every year, Crown Regency / Club Ultima gathers all these referred names from guests and draws 15 names for the raffle. He also mentioned that this was done by Crown Regency every year as part of the anniversary celebration. For the guest who checked in at one of the hotels, he said that the information was confidential.

What did they say I had won? A Family Package (4pax, 2 adults + 2 kids) worth of 3D2N stay in ANY Crown Regency hotel. Any numbers exceeding the required pax will be shouldered by the guest.  I was like, wow! Thank you, Crown Regency!

To claim the gift certificate, I would need to go to their office Club Ultima / Crown Regency in Makati, in line with RCBC tower. He told me to wait for the next call and someone like an account manager will be in contact with me. He sent me information regarding the office location and number to contact as well.

Club Ultima Scam -

Extra Delay in the Offer

Two weeks passed. I have never received any phone calls. Being too curious if this is legit or not, I decided to contact them via the phone number they sent me via SMS. They asked for my information and the agent I was able to spoke with before. She (the one who picked up the phone) told me that I will be called by one of the account managers.

After around 10-20 mins, I received a phone call from the agent who I spoke with. He again verified my identity and asked for my credentials, status, number, etc, and stated that before I could get the gift certificate, I would need to attend their short presentation regarding the hotel promotion. There would also be a dinner served while watching the presentation and after all that, I would be able to claim the gift certificate entitled to me. He said that the offer is only available one time and at that particular day only and failure to commit attendance will also forfeit the eligibility for the gift certificate.

I re-verified him the details he told me before, 3D2N FREE hotel accommodation in Crown Regency Cebu or Davao, no financial obligation, that I just have to attend the event so I could claim the gift certificate.

I was then transferred to an account manager after our conversation.

The account manager stated the same thing. She said though that there is a reservation table for me and my girlfriend and I would need to attend, rain or shine. She also told me that all the information I gave them will be purely confidential.

I think I got too excited and said yes, that I will attend the presentation by 5 pm, rain or shine.

After all the thinking and analysis that ran through my mind that day after the call, I have decided to take a look if there are all other blogs or articles out there with the same concern. And to my surprise, I found many!

I immediately browsed two to three articles, and they all both confirmed my suspicion. Here’s what I have found.

What is Club Ultima?

This is a legit company with annoying marketing tactics.

Club Ultima is a marketing club arm of crown regency hotels. Seems legit, actually. They would offer major products of Crown Regency at a discounted rate, according to sources. However, the products are non-exclusive, so even a non-member can avail these offers. See that? Just for the money. They would offer you a product and it could be paid in cash or installment.

I would still be able to receive the gift certificate even if I reject the offers to be a member of the club.

However, if you’re going to use the gift certificate, there would be a booking fee. The booking fee I found was of different numbers ranging from 3000 pesos and above. Not actually bad if you’re going to stay for 3 days and 2 nights. The thing was, they stated that I would not have any financial obligations when availing the certificate. See how contrary it was from their first statement.

Next issue based on research, if I am not a member and tried to avail the gift certificate, I would have problems with booking the rooms. They will confirm that the GC is legit, however, the room/dates I will be staying at the hotel will always be fully booked. Hence, they have now the option and authority to give me another option to stay at another hotel managed by Crown Regency. The Five Star hotel dream will then be over. You will be asked, if you pursue the booking dates, to reside on one of their hotel arms and that’ll leave you no other choice. Bye bye, Crown Regency dream. You got the certificate for Crown Regency, yet you’re not going to stay at one.

Reasons I Didn’t Take the Bait

I and my girlfriend are budget travelers, we would even enjoy our vacation in a tent. Hotels are just a plus, and a better sleep at night. I wouldn’t want myself to spend more than what I would need.

Free dinner is good but if after the presentation I would be offered too many stuff, I would be vulnerable and may give in. It’s gonna hurt my pocket and nobody would want that.

They said there will be no financial obligation but there’s going to be a booking fee of 3000 Pesos and or $100, so it’s definitely a no-no. It’s already a flight for two to another destination.

I don’t want to spend time on something that wouldn’t benefit me much in the future. Offers after the presentation? Club membership with monthly fees? No way!

They said it was a “one-day-only” event but they texted me that there will be another one the next day and another one again after that day. Sneaky! And they keep on calling my phone, I had their numbers blocked already, but they’re persistent.

So, for the people out there who received the text message or got a call from Club Ultima, I would suggest declining their offer even if it looks so real and legitimate. Yes, we love free items because they are free, but not if we’re told it’s free even when it’s not. Better be wise. Don’t be fooled. Read the comments below for other’s experience.

What’s your take on this? Do you have a similar experience with Club Ultima or another similar scheme?

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Jerny Destacamento

Jerny is a full-time freelancer, an IT Specialist, a traveler, a dreamer and also a reading enthusiast. He loves to travel, climb mountains, swim and take beautiful photos. Together with his girlfriend, Jane, are currently traveling all over the Philippines and aspires to explore every corner of the world.


  1. There is a somewhat similar scheme like this in Astoria Boracay. Well I haven’t really heard about their offer because my friends and I didn’t stay for the accommodation but they invited people for lunch, which they say is for free, but the people need to attend the presentation and the tour of the hotel. My friends and I who were already famished during that time decided to pass.

    It’s a good thing that you write about this so peopel would know what to do should they receive the similar offer. This is so sneaky, leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. No financial obligation should mean no financial obligation, and you are right, a booking fee of 3k, betrays this statement.

  2. Oh, this is sad. Crown Regency is a reputable hotel here in Cebu. That’s pretty unfortunate that their marketing arm, the Club Ultima, would resort to such tactics. 🙁 I am a bit disappointed by this. We attended an event hosted by this hotel and I received a GC as well. I didn’t bother to use it, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same since it’s for Club Ultimate. Tsk.

  3. There is another annoying company here with the same tactics and thankfully, I did not fall for it either. I love my flexibility when I travel and do not want to get stuck to a destination just because that chain has a hotel there. Also, this whole thing of category of rooms and stuff is just pure gimmicks. Glad you did not fall for it either.

  4. Thats so unfortunate! Timeshares often have a similar scam marketing tactic here in the United States. Just the other day, I got a phone call for “free” stay that just required a deposit of $300 USD?!? Just goes to show that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

  5. Gosh! Sane thing happen to me and my hubby. We travelled all the way from the province just to get to Makati. We attended their 90mins presentation, which lasted for freaking 4 hours trying to convince us to pay for half a million to join their club. Grabe!!! Kung alam lang namen sa ganun ang mangyayare sana hindi na kami pumunta!! Hindi ko agad nabasa ang thread na to ngaun lang, so totoo pala na may SCAM sa Crowb Regency Hotel. Alam ng may-ari to at pinapayagan nila na lokohin ang mga tao. Pag pumunta ka sa office nila they will do everything to make a bargain para lang mahuthutan ka nila ng pera. Magppromise ng mga magagandang bagay. In the end hindi naman pala libre, may bayad din. Grabe sila! Buti na lang hindi nila kami napilit kundi patay. Kaya sa mga tinetext nila jan mas mabuti mag research muna bago puntahan para hindi na magsayang ng oras.

      1. I also received a call from them. As in ngayon lang. True enough na it really sounds legit. Buti na lang napadaan ako sa article mo. This saved me and my wife na mahulog sa SCAM nila.

  6. Thank you 🙂 You just saved me. I am planning for our honeymoon in June. Then someone texted me 09561485036 .. I felt na I was so lucky kasi we can save… so i researched and girl named Veronica Miguel called. As she talks, i was reading this and turned down her offer. Thanks to you

  7. May tumawag din sa akin.. share ko na lang ang number ni Jordan Dela Cruz – 09163444608 at Nadine Trinidad – 09561485036; at binigyan pa ako ng office address at landline (02) 5075173 and (02) 3468715. Either hanapin si Jordan Dela Cruz / Jenny Quintero (which is i know na imbento lang ang mga name na ginagamit ng mga caller na ito). Thanks sa blog at may warning din sa ating mga kababayan. Puro panloloko lang ang Club Ultima na iyan sa kanilang marketing strategies. Buti na lang nagbasa ako sa mga blogs. At hindi rin agad ako nagpapaniwala sa mga promos and kung ano anong freebies. THANKS to Jerny Mento for sharing us your experience about Crown Regency and Club Ultima so-called affiliation, para makapag denggoy ng mga tao.

  8. Someone called us too told us we won through Shell Raffle by IAN CRUZ and told us to go to Crown Regency Vacation Building 3#scout albano st, south triangle, quezon city.
    I called crown regency and as soon as i said i just wanted to confirm because somebody told us we won. they kept transferring me to a dead end numbers whereas no one will answer or the phone.
    Good thing I searched for this and then the Club Ultima scam showed up. we immediately ask that Ian if he is from CLUB ULTIMA and true enough he is one of them. Just Sharing another name from this scam as I never heard of this name from other blogs before.

    1. Just got a call from them today. Name of the caller was Arwind Santos (lol). Same address given in Sct. Albano, sabi kakalipat lng nila ng office but reading this comment, seems like settled na cla dun sa place na yun. Same offer. I remembered filling out a coupon from Shell saying they’re from Crown Regency. But because of this blog, no thanks na lng sa offer. Buti nagresearch muna aq. I had my doubts, good thing I followed my instinct first.

      1. Ako din grabe, buti I followed my instinct din. I received a call just now. And I ask him kung sino nagrefer sakin and my #, then if hindi nila maibigay I won’t accept the offer. He immediately drop the call after. And I searched for this “Crown Regency Anniversary” kasi sayang din nga naman kung totoo. Buti nalang may blog about this, thanks so much.. ito pala yung number.. 09273809876

  9. Someone called me, super super same thing. bute nalang mahilig ako mag basa ng blogs and, dahil hindi talaga ako kampante sa mga sinasabe ng agent nag hanap ako ng proof of legitimacy, and thank god nakita ko to!, me and my partner used to check-in in hotels for our travels and vacations and use discounted vouchers from metrodeal or travelbook or trivago and other site etc and target ko talaga yung crown regency in cebu this year, sabi ko sana mag ka roon din ng sale or promo ang crown reg, so nung narinig ko ung offer nila, pakiramdam ko sinagot agad ni God ung hiling ko. Pero nung sinabe n walang financial obligation pero my reservation fee e, nag taka ako, pati, natawa ako bigla nung sinabe nyang no expiry ung gift cert, napa WOw nalang ako. hahaha. Pero, tanung lang san kaya nila nakukuha ung mga contact info natin? any idea? Thanks. and Nice Blog! it helps a lot 🙂

    1. Hindi ko nga din alam kung san nakuha ung mga contact info eh.. Ako tinanong ko tlga sila kung san nila nakuha ang contact number ko dahil hindi namn ako basta basta nagbbgay, referral daw. Sus!

      1. Hi i almost got scam by these people. Makukulit sila i got iritated and decided not to attend their orientation program.. buti nlng ngbasa din ako dito. Thank you 🙂

  10. May scheduled kame ni hubby tom para sa 90mins presentation. Nagdadalawang isip ako kaya sinearch ko talaga to.. Thank you talaga dito. Early this year tumawag na din sa akin ang “ONE TAGAYTAY PLACE” parehas ng offer dito. BTW Nagfill-up ako ng form sa Duty Free Parañaque (for “ONE TAGAYTAY PLACE”) kase nga may PARAFFLE taz libre pa. Nagdecline ako taz kanina may tumawag nman from “Crown Regency hotel”. Nakakaloka! siguro sila-sila lang din un kase d ko maalala na sumali ako para sa paraffle ng Crown regency. Haayyy! Thank you Lord, thru you nasave kame. 😀

  11. I just received a call 20 minutes ago. Sounded suspicious talaga, thank God for your article! Bless you.

    Lintik na mga to. Nagtataka lang ako, saan nila nakuha full name ni mommy saka number ko. Kasi onset ng pagtawag nila, vineverify na nila yung full name ni mommy. Saan kaya nila nakuha uung name. hhhmm

  12. We were approached by one of their marketing people a few days ago, and we actually set an appointment earlier today. All throughout the day, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was a bit shady. The offer seemed too good to be true, but we decided to head down to Crown Regency Davao anyway on the off chance that it was actually legit. We approached reception, and sat down in front of a desk outside the function room (which had the sign Club Ultima Presention on it). I glanced upon the forms that were on the desk, and my gut feeling told me to research it.

    Right then and there, I googled it on my phone. Lo and behold, the first thing that popped up on Google’s search suggestions was “club ultima scam.” I read through this article, and it confirmed the worst. We decided to skip it altogether and ate dinner at the nearest Burger King instead (in that sense, the day wasn’t a total waste.).

    When your instinct tells you it’s a scam, then it most probably is. I’m at the point in my life where I don’t like my time being wasted on deceptive marketing tactics and overblown promises. I could write a whole chapter on my opinion about this, but I guess there was no real harm done on our end. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Thank you for sharing Nigel! You’re gonna get really pissed probably after the presentation as it will really waste your precious time. 1-2 hours in the room offering you stuff you really wouldn’t need and is not essential in one’s life.

  13. wow… salamat nabasa ko agad tong blog na to, halos kakatawag lang ng crown regency sakin ito ang no: 09561485036 Cleo Ferrer ang name. Need ko rin daw pumunta sa office nila para ma-claim yung free gift checks, i even asked kung wala bang expiration ito, kasi hindi ako madalas sa manila, sa south kasi ako nakatira and nag wowork, wala daw expiration need lang daw mag call ako sa office nila para ma-schedule kung kelan ko daw claim.

    ganon din, nag ask sila ng questions kung may asawa na ko, anong position ko sa work, ilang taon na ko, sinagot ko naman lahat, pero maingat pa rin ako, wala naman akong binigay na specific na sagot.

    anyway.. salamat sa blog mo sir, ingat po trayong lahat.

      1. OMG I paid 60,000 as down payment for membership fee, then 15,000 monthly for 350,000.00 contract then may dumating mga due payments daw peru wala sila binibigay voucher, or membership ID. When I verify sa webcite nila, ang lumalabas ay CLUB ULTIMA DONOT RESPOND. SURELY THERE MUST BE SOMETHING THAT WE CAN DO? Pwede ako mag file ng compliant sa DTI, or can I sue them? Dalhin ko kaya sa NBI? Please help

        1. Are you a member from Manila and still a member? Am also a member. I bought 1 last 2009 and another last 2015. Have you received the memo that they have increased their annual fees more than double?

          I am re-filing a case against them with DTI (for free) to opt out and be refunded (which they do not want to honor) because I am not amenable to the increase nor was made aware that there will be any increase after the purchase.

          I was suggested to find more people with the similar case coz a class suit can be more effective than individual cases.

  14. …just recieved a call also, same scenario, that is why I tried to googled it, and I came across with your blogs.. thank you for sharing your experiences, these saves us from getting hooked with thier scheme.

  15. I just got a phone call from number 0923 593 8912 claiming that I had won FREE dinner and tour at Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu. I just had to research first before committing and I’m glad I stumbled upon this information.

    I value time and money so much and it stays that way. Thanks again.

  16. hmm.. this is sad, kasi member kami ng Club Ultima for 5 years now. i think yung GC’s galing sa mga members din siguro na pinagbibili at yan ang paraan para mabenta.. Every member kasi my free 6GC’s every year that we can use to any Hotel Resort or any tie up resort locally and abroad. Pde kasi ibigay yung GC’s pero meron lang letter from member..

    1. Are you a member from Manila? Am also a member. Have you received the memo that they have increased their annual fees more than double? Are you ok with it?

  17. Hello everyone, fyr, yes this just part of their marketing strategies but still up to you if you like to avail their club membership. Yes, sound scams since you wonder where did they get your info names and number. So far, some member may be your friends, family , workmates or whoever knew you who loves to travel refer your names. Hindi naman po sila namimilit to avail shares sa club , but if your really do business in travel very useful nman.#justsharing

    1. Happy member ako ng crown, Tama kung ayaw niyo wag kayong magpa member. Masaya kami sa membership namin

  18. salamat at hindi nadale nito kkatawg lng ngayon pero nagkamali sya ng tinawagan dahil sabi ko taga cebu kami so crown cebu luckily ang supervisor sa crown cebu eh pmangkin ko sabi nya wala daw silang ganyang promo. hehehehhe d narin naman tumawag

  19. Just got a call from them yesterday. Exactly what you said but I figured out they were a scam after asking about my credentials. I’m only baffled to how the heck did they get my full name, location, and number? My Facebook don’t have those info.

  20. Thanks for the post! Naka-receive din ako ng call about this oh-so-amazing offer, and thinking it’s a bit too good to be true, have decided to look it up online, and found your post. Thanks din sa mga nag-share ng experiences nila–even though some fell for it and actually went there, salamat pa rin at you decided to share to save others from being victims too.

  21. Thank you sa blog Jerny kakareceive ko lang ng tawag nila today
    buti nagbasa basa ako at na warning agad ako..God Bless

  22. thank you for your warning , im about to go there this afternoon pero diskumpyado about their offer …someone called be by the name of Ms Allen Lopez as Confirmer Manager confirming our attendance for releasing suck GC….

  23. Thank you so much, your blog saves my and my wife’s day. God Bless you and hoping that everyone who’ll get an offer would research first before going. Liars go to Hell!

  24. Hi, is there a scam also for one tagaytay hotel? I was texted with the same info about a presentation with no fees involved. Thanks! I am quite scared to go so I am doing my research.

  25. thank you for this article. I have been invited and unfortunately disclosed my personal info before finding out that this is another bad marketing strategy, if not a scam. I value time and money too.

  26. Woo, it’s good thing that my guardian angel whispered to me that I should check the net regarding this kind of gift certificate. I was about to leave my office to go to Club Ultima at QC to claim the said GC with my girlfriend. I started doubting kasi after I asked them to send me an email regarding this but I never got an email from them, just text messages and calls. Thank you so much for these, hope that many of us will check if there’s really a promo of this kind and think that how they won.

  27. The moment they called me, I checked the net right after the call and your blog I found. Thank you so much. Save me much time thinking. If it is good to be true. Think hard!

  28. kakatanggap ko lang ngayon ng tawag nila.. kaya nag research ako kung legit ba un.. excited pa nman ako.. hehe un pala mga scammer lang.. salamat dito boss!

  29. Hi! Thanks to your blog. Just a while ago, someone called me OTP regarding the same stuff from your blog. Would not pursue it any longer.

    1. Omg last January 29,2018 lang tinawagan yung fiancee ko na nanalo daw siya at isa sa mga napili ng free accommodation hotel at pwde na namin iclaime yung voucher sa opisina nila sa crown Regency vacation club bldg.buti na lang mag search ako bago pa namin mapuntahan ngayong araw between 5pm to 7:30pm lang daw…salamat sa pag post nito

  30. I got the a call from a Miles Ledesma, JUST TODAY. He said he got my information from the raffle ticket I filled out during the 2018 Travel and Tour Expo that I attended last weekend. True enough, I did sign a lot of raffle tickets and joined a lot of registrations there, it helps a lot as a frequent traveler. But then, he also said I won… or that I was chosen because of my work and financial background or my love to travel… weird. What is it really ba? Did I win or was I chosen?

    I was given the exact same information, CROWN REGENCY VACATION BUILDING, but the office is in Sct Albano QC…. hhmmmmm… I’m so happy I researched on this. I was going to go there na to watch the “90 mins video presentation” then I will get the gift certificate daw. I will post on FB to make this more public. Thanks for this! Lifesaver! 🙂

  31. I just got that same call!! Kept asking what’s my job so to my suspicion, I said “i stopped coz i focus my masters”. Mr Christopher Lopez is his name, replying me “Oh ok mam so it is your husband who is working?”…. I said “Yeah but we just got divorced last week” …He said “Ah ok sorry to hear that mam. So bad coz our offer is good for two” …..I said “Ok then Im not qualified even for one night?” …He said “Sorry mam but the offer is for the couple. Thanks for your time mam” …..hahahaha GOSH!! Im glad i was quick to think “Who would give a 2 nights stay in a reputable hotel chain nowadays?”

  32. I just got a call 20 minutes ago, same scenario , same offer, which is really eniticing. I even asked Mr. Charles Ocampo phone # 09176452731 for the legitimacy of this offer and he said yes. Buti na lang i checked google and found out this blog. Thank you for the heads up guys.

  33. Everything you shared here is true except that these come from someone who did not attend the presentation and has no personal knowledge of the offer and terms and conditions of Club Ultima.
    Anyway, I read this post too when I got the call telling me I won the raffle. But instead of using the warnings here for me not to attend (and miss out), I used the information you shared to get the free voucher without the booking fee, enjoy the free dinner, and buy my membership package because I like it and it is something I want to invest in.
    So here’s a perspective from someone who actually attended the presentation and became a member of the Club Ultima.
    First, I got invited the same way, but I knew fully well that I did not win and it is just their marketing strategy to get me to attend. I agree to go on my free time and at a place close to me. Second, I openly asked questions during the presentation with a real desire to know instead of being critical about it – is it a time share, do u have a secondary license to deal with securities, etc.,
    Third, Joseph answers my questions honestly when he knows the answer and call Jun for those queries he didn’t know the answer to –
    it is not a timeshare, but a membership club like Manila Polo Club, and I was shown their SEC Cert and secondary license to deal with securities, etc.
    Fourth, I was invited to have dinner before the offer so I ate what I want and skip the others (same mindset as the offers).
    Fifth,it is a lifetime club membership in any of the 10 existing Crown Regency Hotels in the Philippines and future hotels to be built instead of just one venue.
    Sixth, as a club member you get a membership certificate which entitles you to a flexible usage of your chosen room night privilege coupons (1 week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks) in any Crown Regency hotels or exchange your privileges for a stay in any hotels members of Interval International and Asian hotels with direct tie ups. Seventh, you can carry over your annual room night privilege to subsequent years if unused or advance it if you need more vacation time for the year;
    Eighth, the membership certificate and your room night privileges are transferrable and no expiry.
    Ninth, membership fee is one – time (paid spot cash or installment) and there is an annual maintenance fee instead of monthly association dues.
    Tenth, I asked them to waive the booking fee of P3,000 on my free voucher because I read the conditions and the agent did not tell me that there is a booking fee.

    1. Hi Mary,
      Thank you for your inputs as a person who attended and availed of their membership. I appreciate you taking time in writing all these information. I, myself, definitely learned from it and I’m pretty sure other people will, too. I actually attended on one (wasn’t able to write the experience though) but the person who approached me don’t have all the information you mentioned here when I asked.

      Will it be okay if I use the information you posted here to give new information to the readers?

      1. Yes please feel free to share and let me know if you have further questions I may shed light on. Thanks

        1. Are you a member from Manila and still a member? Am also a member. Have you received the memo that they have increased their annual fees more than double? Are you ok with it?

  34. Just received a call today confirming to receive the voucher in Crown Regency Makati… I’m still hesitant to go since I’m busy in the office… Glad that I have read this article… Istorbo lang para sa akin yung magbiyahe to Manila since dito ako nakatira sa South of Manila and I’m not interested sa mga offer… If willing naman sila na ibigay yung voucher, why not I-send na lang nila yung presentation sa email, then ipadala nila yung voucher (haha!)… Thanks!

  35. Omg. Thank you very much for this blog. I was about to go to their office today. Kesho ngaun lang daw promo at lilipat na daw sila sa cebu. Its a good thing na nag search muna ako before going. Pero malamang sa busy ng mga tao ngayun is hindi na nila magagawang mag search at mahuhulog tlaga sa bait.

    Good thing na merong gantong blog. I saved my money and time(which is more precious than tha latter).

    Thank you again. 🙂

    1. My God I was stupid! I was a victim, I already paid the total amount of 185k last August 2017 , and paid the 1st 1st Annual fee ,they gave me a 7voucher reserving for my vacation, now I decided to use the voucher for a vacation trip in Davao, I called them up for reservation ok naman nag response sila, they told me to send the copy of voucher to a certain person so I did , the next next she called me up telling they cannot process my accomodation because I wasn not updated on my annual fee ? They asked me to pay again the annual fee so they can process my request? My god the plan was fully paid and the voucher on hand was paid but then they will not process my accomodation pinagbabayad na naman ako ? Wala pakong nagiging benefits sa binayaran ko hindi ako pwedeng mag pa reserved ng accomodation? Kahit yung free accomodation ko hindi nila ma process,So disappointed san po ba ako pwedeng mag reklamo ? Please help almost 200k ang na scam sa kin huhuhuhu please help me !!

      1. Hi Perlita, I’m sorry about what you experienced. You can still try to contact them, ask for the manager or whoever the boss is and tell what has happened. Or if they couldn’t really help you in their own way, file a complaint via Securities and Exchange Commission or DTI.

        1. Thank you so much for the advised Jerny Destacamento, They forced me to pay the unpaid annual due, I was confused , its better to use my payment to reserved any hotels I wanted sure pa ko rather than to update my payment for annual fee? Nanghihinayang lang ako sa 200k earned hard money, Your advised is highly appreciated , Ang daming naloko thats why i dont want to resell my packages para may victim ulit cla. Ang result kc ung annual fee na binabayad ko is equivalent na rin ng hotel accomodation whichever I stayed ganun din di naman 5 star , so para saan ung membership babayaran ko rin pala ung voucher to stay ??? Maliwanag na Scam gusto ko lang na makarefund sana kahit luge at wala ng mabiktimang iba !!! Thanks

          1. Are you a member from Manila and still a member? Am also a member. I bought 1 last 2009 and another last 2015. Have you received the memo that they have increased their annual fees more than double?

            I am re-filing a case against them with DTI (for free) to opt out and be refunded (which they do not want to honor) because I am not amenable to the increase nor was made aware that there will be any increase after the purchase.

            I was suggested to find more people with the similar case coz a class suit can be more effective than individual cases.

  36. Oh my!!! Got a call just this morning for One Tagaytay Place. Thank you for the information. I am about to claim the gift certificate tomorrow dahil sa sobrang tuwa. Buti na lng I have searched this page. Thank you so much!

  37. haixt, got a call this afternoon, what the fudge….good thing i search it before they wasted my time….marketing tactics,ammmppp…..


  39. I just got a call this morning.. they are stil operating..

    The GC includes: 3 Days/2 Nights stay at any Crown Regency Hotel (3 hotels in Cebu or 1 Villa Resort in Agdao Davao) good for 2 adults & 2 kids package. With NO EXPIRY.

    – When using the certificate, all you have to do is call our RESERVATION DEPARTMENT atleast 2 weeks ahead of the intended date of check-in.

    – Upon using the gift certificate, other expenses like airfare, food and reservation fee (Php3,000) are not included in the package.

    No financial obligation.
    No commitment.
    No fees to be collected upon claiming.

    www. skyexperienceadventure .com
    (02) 346-8717
    (02) 500-1649.

    Important Requirements:
    -Bring atleast one valid ID for proper identification.

    -Stay for the proper claiming and video clippings for you to see the complete amenities & facilities of our four hotels. Complimentary refreshment will be serve. (Estimated time of 90mins only)

    NO financial obligation
    NO fees to be collected upon claiming.
    DO NOT bring anything related to your money .

    Kindly look for Ms. Arcell Mendoza, our receptionist.

    -Mr. Ian Cruz
    (Reservation Supervisor)
    (02) 500-1649.

    Here’s our complete and exact office address:


    -We are between PANAY AVE. & QUEZON AVE.
    -We are besides OASIS RESTOBAR and UNIONBANK.
    -We are infront of KANTO BAR & GRILL or PHIL. Q MANPOWER & SERVICES.
    -Near ABS CBN BLDG along Mother Ignacia St.

    If you will be using Map applications such as WAZE or GOOGLE MAP, you can pin these locations as your destination:

    – OASIS RESTOBAR (Panay Avenue, Q.C.)

    (02) 500-1649
    (02) 346-8717.

    kindly report this fake suspicious reservation slash supervisor
    Mr.Ian Cruz 09358325768

  40. Since malapit sa office namin yung crown regency, pumunta kami husband ko kahapon lang may libre dinner saka free GC daw ? Haha super accomodating yung nakausap namin Sr. Marketing (Josh?) daw sya Nung nalaman ko na 400k membership fee tapos 13k maintenance fee for 7 free vouchers ( ang mahal di namin kaya yun), nung hindi kami kumuha bigla nag sudden change of approach samin yung kausap namin, tapos biglang di na nya kilala yung surname nung husband ko ( e una pa lang alam naman naman na nya). Binigay lang samin yung free GC tapos talikod sya agad ano klase yan. Wala naman kami balak gamitin yung Gc na yun may babayadan din na 3k naabala lang kami. Anong klaseng Marketing strategy yan bulok na bulok. Sarap ireklamo yung mga yan.

  41. I have received a similar call from Club Ultima today, as in I have just hung up from that call after telling them I’m going to research this first before giving them my information. This was the number they called me from, 09174718418. It’s scary kasi alam nila ang name at number mo. Where are they getting this info from? Someone is selling them a list of consumers who somehow have left their contact info. Baka naman ung mga kunwari na raffle promo sa mga groceries pero nagcocollect lang sila ng data. Dapat siguro maitawag na ito sa 8888 para may reference ung ibang future complaints. We should reinforce the Consumer Privacy Act in this country. Thanks for this blog.

  42. Hi. I just received same call last Saturday. Thank you for sharing your experience and I’ll take note of that. Grabe SCAM pala tss. You just saved someone here. Thanks a lot Sir. God bless!

  43. Jusko nakapagbayad ako ng 10k. Di ko kasi sinearch kasi laki ng tiwala ko na sa raffle talaga ako nanalo. Pero sabi pwede naman icancel base dun sa pinirmahan. 20k nga lang. Ano ba pwede gawin? Ayaw ko na ituloy eh. Feeling ko luge ako.

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