How Love Toys Enriched our Private Lives


How Love Toys Enriched our Private Lives

Traveling as a couple gives you a lot of chances to know each other better. As you go along traveling together, you get to see each other’s good and bad traits, not only that, even the hidden desires you long for one another. And so since I was a person who reads a lot of books, I was able to capture some of the character’s desire like Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rich yet (but we’ll get there), and I also have fantasies like those in the back of my mind.

In Japan, we both have visited Adult Shops more than once in Osaka. These type of stores have scattered in the middle of the city and they are not ashamed of it. Japan is a very open country with regards to making love and so these stores have also sprouted one by one. There you could find almost anything related to love-making, BDSM, bondage, etc. Name it, those things you have seen in the movies could be found there.



When we got back in the Philippines, I looked upon online stores catering to those kinds of ideals. Having a physical store for bed fantasies in the Philippines could quite get you intimated as people tend to be more judgmental even when you are not doing wrong. In search of it, we both found Lauvette, an online store for love toys. We took a good look at their catalog, saw things that we like, and bought them.

Love Toys from Lauvette

Lovemaking is awesome, and I think everybody can agree on that. So to spice up our private lives more, we thought of buying items we’ve seen in Japan. They weren’t that expensive and we liked’em so we gave it a go. A day after email exchange and some confirmations from the store, we got it delivered right to our doorstep. Discreetly, with no mention that this is a product for lovemaking.


That evening, we prepared for the moment. We set soft music to add to the mood. Made the lights as dim as possible while having our own private dinner prepared. The feeling has been more romanticized by exchanging messages from day ’til night about what we would do with each other using those that we have ordered. Excitement arises every minute and it getting hotter and hotter as the night goes by.

We took a quick hot shower to have ourselves prepared for the feast. Our bodies became excited as ever as this night is a night of using the love toys that we both know will make our love-making session more beautiful.

We decided to top it off with a light massage to help both relax our bodies from the tiring day with Midnight Touch Massage Oil that we ordered. It says in the package that it’s good for massage and also safe for the lady parts so we thought this could be a great tool too as we could use it for another thing. It’s a scented oil with an aroma that I think enhances mood.


As we kissed passionately while caressing each other’s body after the massage, and taking off clothes one-by-one, the excitement goes on and on.

And more when I started using the ducky vibrator, one of the items we ordered. The vibrations were surprisingly good and it doesn’t feel bulky to hold. It was rather easy to operate and while I had that on my middle finger, I felt the need to touch her soft breasts, getting that vibrating sensation on her bosom and created a moan that made me more excited to explore her body.

Lowering down by a few, I saw myself nibbling on those soft natural bubbles, still with my other hand caressing the other one, vibrating. I thought to myself this is a night I have been waiting for since the packaged arrived. Thinking she might like it better when I use it on her lower lady parts, I moved my hand and lowered my arm to reach her down there.

Her legs moved a little as she felt the tingly sensation from the vibration and she also slightly gasped for air as she gets excited from that feeling. She created soft moans that really left a good feeling to my whole body. “This ducky vibrator is awesome”, I thought. She loves playing with it.

Well, I was more surprised when she asked me to slip in the rockstar penis ring that she suggested we add to the order that also vibrates. I had never used a ring like this before but we both know how it works so we both got more fired up. That ring fitted hard on my already throbbing tool, as it says in the name, ‘rockstar’. Oh yes, it made me feel like a rockstar as it also vibrates on mine. It made my tool harder and stronger and made us both more than ready to do the exciting deed.

So we took the massage oil we used earlier and applied it on my rock-hard member while I massage hers down under with the ducky vibrator ring on my finger.

She was wetter than ever, more excited as I am, and I know it was time to give in to the lust we both have for each other.


I slid my member into her flooding lady part and we both moaned as if it was the first time we did each other and became one body. Each thrust created an intense feeling, of longing for more, of doing more, as our bodies became one with one another.

With my hands caressing her soft melons with that ducky ring made intense moans as we get more and more excited.

We changed to a position we both love, and took the other lovemaking tool we have. We also got a pink slip couple vibrator from the store and used the 3rd vibration level which I believe to be the strongest, upgrading our lovemaking to another level.

I slipped it in her insides touching both her clit and G-spot. Don’t be surprised I know these things, I used to read a lot. With the tool touching both her sensitive glands with vibration, she moaned while grinning on me, asking me to come and slid my member in. Fortunately, it’s a tool made for couples, you can both enjoy the vibration while going in and out.

Still, with my rockstar member ring, I gracefully slid it inside her and it was one of the best nights we had, a night full of vibrations.

It made me feel like hers was tighter and got me more fired up as the tools we had, had totally given us a whole new world. This time, with more powerful thrusts, building up a momentum going to the heavens.

We both can feel it coming, so we paused for a while to take it even longer, but the vibrations were all making us both excited about the grand finale. So this time, I moved more to inside her glands and whispered in her ear I’m going to explode. A few moments later, we both groaned with delight as the juices come together. We were both wet from our sweaty deed as well as that night was an intense night.

That night, was one of the many firsts, and definitely one that upgraded our private lives. These love toys do wonders in every relationship, be open to more possibilities.

If you are ever wondering and curious about the toys we used, check them out below.

We both felt lucky to have found an online store that caters to our sexual needs. Visit to find out more. What also made us decide and order from this online shop was that they also want to raise awareness of HIV and also help the affected population by donating a percentage of their sales for every product purchased. An advocate for the goodwill.