Daraitan Love Story

Mt. Daraitan Love Story – It Started at Mt. Daraitan

Last updated on July 26th, 2017

Was there a time in your life where you climbed a mountain and made valuable memories?

Daraitan Love Story

This was the first mountain that we climbed together, Mt. Daraitan. I was hesitant at first about her joining the event when I invited her, but she opted to come with me, with us.

I already stalked her albums before I asked her to come (LOL!). Looking for clues if it’s gonna be her first time or not. Well, she already went to Mt. Pamitinan with a Wawa Dam side trip so I said to myself, maybe she would come. I was very happy when she said she can come and join us to this mountain trip.

Mt. Daraitan’s difficulty was 5-6/9 and I didn’t know if she could do it. I thought she wasn’t the type to climb high mountains, but then I was partially wrong.

All I know that time was that she’s special to me. There was already a spark in me that tells my inner being “I like her” and that she’s different from the rest of the girls or people around me. I wasn’t wrong with my feelings.

When I saw her that morning, I was gratified. I am truly thankful she was there. I said to myself, “Thank you, Lord!”. I felt like winning the lottery somehow or I won a prize. I wanted to hug her when she came to me but shyness came in, so instead, we kissed cheek to cheek, just like with the other girls when saying hello.

I thought to myself, “I maybe could act sweet with her”, and so I did.

Sweet, not the manyak way, but as a gentleman. She knows my intentions, she has her own instincts, but instead of pushing me away, she welcomed it, and slowly, we got to stare at each other’s eyes and eventually, I got to hold her hand.

My friends, I know, they are curious about what was going on because they absolutely had no idea. They’re close to me but they didn’t know that something was going on.

I wouldn’t want to let her hand go, and I really would love to enjoy the moment. The moment together with her, standing beside me, walking hand in hand, climbing the mountain, against the assaults, upward the summit.

It was a little awkward at the start, we barely knew each other. We only had a few weeks of exchanging messages but that happened every day. Still, I would want to hold her hand until the end of this day.

Our friends would look at us, stare at us for a bit because something is different. They saw good aura in me. The smile was different. Eyes were sparkling of joy inside. Something has changed. They might have said.

She was panting upon reaching the summit but at the same time, a sign of delight sparked her eyes. It was the happiness endowed by the scenery of the environment from above the mountain’s summit. I, too, was happy she made it. We made it both hand in hand.

She even told our friends that she has gotten her other energies from me, especially when I hold on to her. Hearing this made my heart jump with delight and kilig was felt through the bones (smirk). A smile immediately radiated my face and I felt like high and mighty. No, just kidding. The complement felt warm.

Mt. Daraitan furnace us of love.

It was the perfect sign and scenery that this girl was going to be a big part of my life. Maybe it’s because of the heart-shaped river only to be seen from the summit?

Or maybe it’s because two people were even bonded together through trials and challenges by climbing up the mountain? It was a little harder because it rained a day before that event.

Well, we don’t know.

All I know was that from this mountain, Mt. Daraitan, helped spark the start of our love and romance.

This mountain ignited the love for a few friends as well. What’s the magic in this mountain?

And look at how time goes. We’re together for more than a year now. And we’ll be celebrating more in the coming years.

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  1. I thought I was reading a novel book and you both are the lovely couple. I’m really smiling the whole time I was reading this article. Who would have guessed that you made an intimate relationship after climbing? I’ll be glad to read more of your stories together and hopefully she’s the one. No wonder your articles are constantly full of happiness when I read it. It is always a kind of happiness that transmits to me whenever I read your blog post.

  2. This is such a cute story! Congratulations on making it to a year together and it’s so nice to read how beautiful you write about the time you first realised how you felt for the first time and how your story actually began. Not many love stories start by climbing a mountain, I have to say that. Your story is unique 🙂

  3. Wow! That’s such a sweet story! I’ve had a similar situation where I met him at Shakey’s in a mall in Makati. Ever since that meeting, Shakey’s and pizza meant something more to us. Being the way that we met. Hahaha. Mt. Daraitan is yours and Shakey’s is ours. I really enjoyed reading your story! I hope you get to conquer all the mountains here!

  4. This is a lovely story. I had climbed a mountain once and climbed a lighthouse too. What made it a good memory is because I had shared it with my cherished friends. I hope I’ll be able to climb some more in the future.

  5. Congratulations for making it to Mt. Daraitan with the girl that you love. It is such a nice love story and I hope that your relationship stay strong as you both travel together. My boyfriend and I have never climbed any mountains yet. I know he can do it, but he has been always worried on me.Mountain climbing is something that requires physical strength and when it comes with exerting too much effort, he is a type of guy who is over protective.

  6. OMG!!! This is so romantic!!! I’ve trekked twice with my guy. Both were’nt difficult climbs, but standing there atop the hill, watching the valley beneath, holding hand in hand, with almost no one around, with the breeze hitting the face, its definitely the best romantic moment!!!

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