How to Create your 6x6 Simple Photobook -

How to Create your 6×6 Simple Photobook [+VOUCHER CODE inside]

Last updated on August 7th, 2018

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In partnership with Photobook Worldwide, we will be giving you a FREE 6×6 Simple Photobook! Here’s how.


• Do not skip STEP 6! That is the most important step so you only get to pay the shipping cost alone.

• The voucher code will only work on the Photobook Mobile App and 6×6 Simple Photobook.

How to Create your 6×6 Personalized Simple Photobook

We provided screenshots for you to easily know how it’s done.

Step 1:

Download and install the Photobook app thru the App Store or Google Play.

How to Create your 6x6 Simple Photobook -

Step 2:

Select Simple BooksPick 6×6 Simple Book from the list of products. Click Next.

How to Create your 6x6 Simple Photobook -

Step 3:

Upload 21 photos from your digital photo albums. You can even get photos straight from your Instagram, Facebook, or other online accounts to upload. Select your photos and click Next.

After uploading photos, arrange your photos/pages according to your liking by dragging and dropping (hold photo for at least 2 seconds, move finger, and release). If you’re okay with the arrangement, click Next.

How to Create your 6x6 Simple Photobook -

Step 4:

Add a short dedication (this will appear at the back of the cover). Tap Next.
Select your paper type. Premium Silk paper type is free but I personally liked the Photo Lustre Paper. It’s only 20 pesos anyway so if I were you, go for it. Tap Checkout.

How to Create your 6x6 Simple Photobook -

Step 5:

You will be asked to Sign-in (to save your work). Enter your email address and confirm your email thru your email inbox.

After confirming your email, you will be brought back to your project. Tap Checkout again.How to Create your 6x6 Personalized Simple Photobook -

Step 6:

Enter your Shipping Address (where your item will be delivered).

IMPORTANT! Scroll down and input the voucher code THEJERNYPBWW then Tap Apply. This will remove the 1200 pesos original fee for the 6×6 Simple Photobook.

The code is usable up to 10 transactions meaning you can have 10 photobooks for yourself using this code!

Remember this voucher code: THEJERNYPBWW

If you processed everything correctly, the total price would be like this (see below).
Shipping costs 200/250 pesos ($4-5). The reason it wasn’t shown below is that I forgot to put in my address before the voucher.

How to Create your 6x6 Simple Photobook -

Here’s a sample screenshot of what you should see on your check-out page.

How to Create your 6x6 Personalized Simple Photobook -

Select your Payment method. Although the only one available is Paypal at the moment. Select Paypal and click Order Now.  See photo below. You only have to pay for the shipping costs (200 pesos)

You will be redirected to the Secure Payment page. Tap Pay with Debit Card or Credit Card (if you don’t have PayPal account). Enter your card details and tap Pay Now.

Step 7:

Once you have cleared all the steps, wait for at least 7 days to get your newly created 6×6 Simple Photobook delivered to you!

How to Create your 6x6 Simple Photobook -

PS: Let us know if you have used our code [THEJERNYPBWW] and ordered a 6×6 Simple Photobook for yourself. Also send us your Photobook photos thru our page (The Jerny – Travel and Inspirations) so we can have you featured!

We previously have created our own Photobooks. See this Facebook post:

If you have any questions and or clarifications, do not hesitate to message us! God bless and more travels to us!


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