Home Remodel Inspiration for Quarantine Boredom


The quarantine period has bestowed the gift of time to the whole world in abundance. But, with heaps of time on our side, we’re bound to run out of things to work on and that’s when the boredom sets in.

People are renovating themselves completely in this time so why not do the same for your humble abode next? To break out of the quarantine boredom, give your living space a revamp to enliven things up in this gloomy environment. 


It’s time to break open a bundle of remodeling ideas for your homes that you’ve been procrastinating due to your busy and fast-paced life. So, let us help you get started with your new home projects with these quirky ideas. Read on to learn more.

Home Remodel Inspiration for Quarantine Boredom

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Reflecting surfaces can never go wrong as you can place it on any wall, and it’ll blend right in with your décor. For an instant modification, you can either buy a beautiful mirror or you can take the affordable road, by refurbishing an old mirror with a dainty frame. 

You can go the extra mile and purchase graphic mirror art pieces which have increasingly become widespread as décor ideas. Lastly, you can go all out and buy a dressing table which has a mirror and cabinet space in it. 


Let’s Get Painting

Painting is the quickest fix to remodel your house and the best part is all you need is some paint and a brush. So, target a mundane wall in your living room or your bedroom door that can brighten up the look of your house and get started on it. 

Make sure to use contrasting tints that stand out from the background to paint the wall or the door. So, if your living room is peach-colored then paint that central wall with a pastel mint color for a perfect mix and match. 

Time For Some Wooden Decor 

Wooden décor items have the power to uplift the whole aura of the room as well as give it a vintage touch. So, order yourselves a dainty yet minimalistic wooden bookshelf that is easily accessible as well as affordable. 

Other than books, you can put in some small potted plants and scented candles in the bookshelf to make it more aesthetically pleasing. If you want to go cheap, make a simple one yourself with spare wood. 

Introduce a wall of wooden frames with photos of cherished memories to give your dull wall a touch-up. If you have some experimental energy in you, paint the wooden frames with a shade darker than your background wall and you’re done! 

Change Your Window’s Clothes

You can change the look of a whole room by switching just the curtains to a more graphic and frolic color or go for an altogether different pattern. You can mix it up with some different silhouettes or airy fabrics like patterned chiffon to make things pretty.

But, if you’re looking for more of a change, you can ditch your curtains for some classic window blinds. This is an interior decorating trick that can make your home stand out, giving it an old-world charm and a vintage vibe. 

Introduce Some Lights

Home Remodel Inspiration for Quarantine Boredom

Adding some artificial light to your home can literally brighten up the entire vibe of it. You’ll find a plethora of choices you can choose from. You can pick up some pictorial light lamps which can be placed on the floor next to a table or a door. 

Moreover, there are also a number of hanging light installations like the big old chandelier if you want to go fancy. For a more subtle change, you can go for aesthetic hanging bulbs or lamps. 

The Bottom Line

No matter how accustomed we get with our surroundings, it’s advised to mix it up once in a while. This is so as doing that fill us with renewed energy and inspiration, to begin with. 

Plus with all this time, remodeling your home is something that all your family members can engage in to make this gloomy time a tad bit entertaining.