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Escapesanddiaries is a personal blog about travels, travel stories and inspiration and life in general. I hope my writings will inspire you to make your own amazing stories and give you a shot of happiness, craziness, positivity and more adventures in life!
The Panaad Festival 2019 in Negros Occidental Province: 5-day Visit Grateful to have been selected and invited by the Tourism Board of Negros Occidental. We were 1 group, 5 people in total. Bloggers from Manila, Davao and Bacolod City. Picked up at the airport by the Bacolod city Tourism representative, Nelrose, we began the day by having a small Filipino sweet...
CML Beach Resort & Waterpark - https://thejerny.com
Before summer came to a close, we got to experience a water theme park and resort in Batangas City in May. Have you heard of CML Beach Resort and Waterpark? If yes, did you like it? If not, well, I’m going to show you how it looks! CML Beach Resort & Waterpark: Savoring the last days of summer in Batangas CML Beach...