DIY GoPro Dome using *Candy Dome* -

DIY Dome using *Candy Dome* [Balloon Dome] for less than 150 Pesos for your GoPro, SJCam, Supremo, or Yi Cam!

Wanna make your summer photos even cooler like this one below?

Did you know that you can create your own DIY GoPro Dome for less than 150 Php [<3 USD]?

Here’s how!

DIY Dome -
*Photo not mine: credits to
Dome -
This is US using the dome!

Things you need to make a DIY Dome [DIY GoPro Dome] using *Candy Dome*

DIY GoPro Dome using *Candy Dome*

  1. Candy Dome – usually sold at National Bookstore nationwide or party needs stores. Php 79.50 each.
  2. Balloons – sold anywhere. I bought these balloons in National Bookstore for Php 16.50 each. Make sure they are of good quality.
  3. Teflon Tape – also known as Thread Seal Tape. Sold at local hardware for Php 5.00 – 20.00 each.
  4. Baller Bands – sold at local shops for maybe Php 10 each piece.
  5. Scissors – obviously.
  6. Waterproof Casing of Action Camera – GoPro/SJCam/Supremo/Yi Cam, etc. I used Go Pro Hero 4 and Supremo 4k.  This balloon dome fits with all.DIY Dome 

Step 1:

Roll the Teflon tape [thread seal tape] 3 to 5 times along the edges of the lens part of your waterproof casing. Make sure it’s not too thin and not too thick. Ignore the excess tape on the photo please [LOL].

DIY GoPro Dome using *Candy Dome* -


Step 2:

Using your scissors [or any cutting material], cut the upper-mid area of the balloon and the thick part where we blow air into it. DIY Dome 

DIY GoPro Dome using *Candy Dome* -


Step 3:

Insert the dome [as we call the clear part of the candy dome] into the larger hole we cut from the balloon earlier. Make sure that the smaller hole is at least in the center of the dome just like in the photo above. It should cover the dome’s open area.

Note: Stretch the balloon first for easier setup.

 DIY Dome 

DIY GoPro Dome using *Candy Dome* - DIY GoPro Dome using *Candy Dome* -


Step 4:

Place the baller band onto the edge of the dome. This will help hold the balloon in place and prevent the water from coming in.

Baller band provided was from Boracay Pub Crawl check the article for partying in BoracayDIY Dome

DIY GoPro Dome using *Candy Dome* -


Step 5:

Insert the waterproof casing with the tape into the hole of your DIY Dome. The thread seal tape helps prevent water from leaking or getting inside your DIY dome.

DIY GoPro Dome using *Candy Dome* -
DIY GoPro Dome using *Candy Dome* -

Step 6:

Do a leak test on your DIY dome.

Dip the DIY dome into a tubful of water. Wait for around 10-30 seconds and if there are no bubbles after dipping it or there’s no water going inside your DIY dome, then it’s a success! Congratulations!

If bubbles are coming out and there’s water coming inside your dome, then just repeat the process until you get the desired result. You know, trial and error process. 

DIY Dome 

*Finished Product*

DIY GoPro Dome using *Candy Dome* -

DIY GoPro Dome using *Candy Dome* -

Note: This DIY dome I created was already tested and luckily, there were no leaks after a minute! 🙂 Yay! However, I cannot provide a photo at the moment as there is not enough sunlight for a photo capture. Will provide photos after this weekend. 🙂

For just 150 Pesos, you made yourself a DIY Dome that is really good for this summer season!

Note again: I am not selling any DIY dome, but if there would be like requests for me to create and sell them, then why not? Maybe I could consider. 😉

I am also thinking of creating a guide using the Fake CCTV Dome [Php 149.00]. It’s has a larger diameter and I think it’s perfect for half underwater selfies and photos.

You may also check at for Go Pro Dome using the search box below to check for prices. [It’s usually ranging from Php 1500 to Php 2000++].

Any questions? Ask below!

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  1. Hello! thanks so much for this tutorial, I just made my own last night 🙂 So far, I’ve only tested it in a very small basin, it worked!! I’m so excited to use it next week on a trip! Do you have sample photos using this in one of your travels? 🙂

  2. Hello, thanks so much for this tutorial, just made my own last night 🙂 So far, I’ve only tested it in a small basin and it worked!! Very excited to use it on a trip next week! Do you have sample photos using this in one of your travels? 🙂

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