Sarao Motors -

Sarao Motors: The Jeepneys the Philippines are Known For

Jeepneys are what makes the Philippines known for. A unique car in the world, only in the country. The known ...
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Things to Do in Malabon City -

7 Things to Do in Malabon City + Malabon Tricycle Tours

Malabon City is not new to our ears. We know its location, its demographics, but what we don't know, Malabon ...
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Ilagan Japanese Tunnel -

Ilagan Japanese Tunnel: A Mark of History in Isabela

Did you know there was a tunnel that has been discovered in Iligan City, Isabela? There's more than just Bambanti ...
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Ilagan Sanctuary -

Ilagan Sanctuary: Isabela Province’s Nature and Adventure Site

Not many of all you know that there are places to visit in Isabela. They might be more known when ...
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Bambanti Festival 2018 -

Bambanti Festival: Isabela’s Grandest Festival

Isabela is the largest province in Luzon and the second biggest in the country. Isabela's primary offering for the country ...
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8 Romantic Must-Visit Spots to Adore and Experience in Iceland

8 Romantic Must-Visit Spots to Adore and Experience in Iceland

Iceland is a dream place especially in this era where people travel the world for experience, pleasure, leisure, and work ...
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Calinisan Beach Resort - Laurel, Batangas -

Calinisan Beach Resort: Laurel, Batangas

Calinisan Beach Resort A must visit in Laurel, Batangas. How to Get to Calinisan Beach Resort 1. Take a bus going ...
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Talipanan Beach - Puerto Galera -

TALIPANAN BEACH: A Hidden Paradise in Puerto Galera

The perfect place who are looking for a romantic, peaceful and quiet vacation. TALIPANAN BEACH, PUERTO GALERA How to get ...
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Jomalig Island itinerary -

Jomalig Island 3D2N Itinerary [plus expenses: Jan 2018]

Jomalig Island 3D2N Itinerary »Salibungot Beach »Lingayen (Little Batanes) »Casuguran Golden Sands »Alog Beach (Mini Boracay) »Kanaway Islet »Sandbar JOMALIG ...
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Zoobic Safari -

Zoobic Safari: The First Night Safari in the Philippines Experience

We had a blast! We are fully entertained the whole night. But first, this was all made possible by The ...
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La Virginia Hotel and Resort - Batangas -

La Virginia Hotel and Resort: Adventure Getaway in Batangas – 2 Hours from Manila

When it comes to awesome beaches and resorts, no wonder Batangas is the first choice of our adventure seeking friends ...
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7 must try activities in Boracay -

7 Must-Try Tours and Activities in Boracay

Boracay Island is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands you'll ever see in your life. Because of its grand ...
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Great Night Activities You Can Do In Singapore -

5 Great Night Activities You Can Do In Singapore

After a long busy day doing business or engaging in the daily 8-5 job, nighttime offers an excellent time to ...
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Paraw Sunset Sail -

Paraw Sunset Sail: A Romantic Way to Witness Boracay’s Sunset

We know that there are a lot of things we can do in Boracay. There's island hopping during the day ...
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Camarines Norte -

A Night Of Making Memories in Camarines Norte

I was invited by a group of bloggers to join them in exploring Camarines Norte. It was an unforgettable and ...
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