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Beachfront Captivation with Ocean Vista Inn at El Nido

Ocean Vista Inn offers the upper hand beachfront view in El Nido, Palawan. Be ready to be captivated and be mesmerized by this awesome view offered by this hotel.

Ocean Vista Inn - www.thejerny.com

Ocean Vista Inn - www.thejerny.com

Ocean Vista Inn is located at Serena St. Bgy. Buena Suerte Zone II, 5313 El Nido, Palawan. Just a few meters away from El Nido Boutique and Art Cafe and beside Little Italy restaurant. Since it’s a beachfront inn, you won’t have a hard time looking for the place.

Philip Morales, the owner of Ocean Vista Inn, immediately smiled and greeted us as his visitors upon coming in at the site. The staffs are accommodating as well. You’ll feel very welcome. They gave us the Standard Twin Bed Room as it’s the only room available at the time.

Ocean Vista Inn - www.thejerny.com

Ocean Vista Inn - www.thejerny.com

Ocean Vista Inn - www.thejerny.com

The room was clean and the bed was comfortable. There’s a common area on the lobby and chairs on the second floor for common relaxation. The hotel wasn’t really big itself so the rooms aren’t that big as well, just enough for you to move around and be silly.

The 3rd floor is where you’ll get a spectacular view of the El Nido shoreline. This is where you’ll eat your breakfast, enjoy the sunset and watch for sunrise on the other side. You may also order a few drinks and enjoy the night on the rooftop. I asked Philip is we could make a party on the rooftop if possible and permitted, and yes, it was possible!  You won’t regret booking with Ocean Vista Inn.

Ocean Vista Inn - www.thejerny.com

Ocean Vista Inn - www.thejerny.com

All rooms do have their own toilet and bath. The showerhead is a rainfall design which makes bathing more enjoyable, at least for me. This bathroom also has a hot and cold shower you won’t have to worry about taking away all the dirt and ocean residues on your skin.

The Experience with Ocean Vista Inn

Staff-wise, they are all accommodating and approachable. It’s one most important because a personnel who isn’t happy with the job won’t be looking stress-free. Philip, the owner, is just a message away as well.

Cleanliness-wise – got no problem on this factor. I haven’t had any bad experience with the hotels I’ve been to yet. Ocean Vista Inn is keeping the general cleanliness from inside the hotel and out. The comfort room is clean though the water pressure is a little weak. No biggie for it anyway as long as it can fill up a tub.

Ocean Vista Inn - www.thejerny.com

Ocean Vista Inn - www.thejerny.com
Our view from the 3rd floor while eating breakfast

Location-wise, it can easily be located. They are in the beach front, so no worries. They also have a label on Google Maps which makes finding it easier for techie travelers. Take note, it’s beside Little Italy restaurant and a few meters away from Art Cafe. You won’t also have to worry about food; restaurants, sari-sari stores, and carinderias are just a few meters away from its location. They also offer food and drinks in the hotel. You won’t get hungry at all.

Online connectivity-wise, Ocean Vista Inn may not offer the fastest internet in the location but it’s one of the factors that a traveler is looking for. Their internet can get you through major sites and almost anything, but heightened up your patience, internet in the Philippines is not really as good as you thought but we’re not here for the internet, right?

The Offerings at Ocean Vista Hotel

They offer well-acquainted rooms with an ambiance of a quality hotel. You won’t be disappointed with Ocean Vista Inn. On our stay there, an extension for dorm type rooms are in place. The construction is going on. The next time you’ll be here, you can mingle and jingle with other backpackers as well.

They do have shuttle service and airport transfers from PPS-El Nido at a price. Please check with Ocean Vista regarding the rates.

Not only they are offering rooms and shuttles but they do have tours as well. We had Tour A on their in-house tour business, Sealand Venture. Sealand Venture offers Tour A, B, C, and D for El Nido, in which all of the tours will captivate your inner nature-loving side and discover the unwavering beauty of the El Nido which make it the most beautiful island in the world.

You may visit Ocean Vista Inn website (non-discounted, regular rates) for more information or alternatively, book using the search box below for discounted and lowest rates thru Agoda and Booking.com.


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  1. The view of the mountains and shoreline from the room is just a dream. I’d love to stay in this resort. I’d love the rainfall shower as well. I esp like those showers which you can change into a variety of ways of how water is dispensed. One of the resorts I stayed had it. It was so good to have a jet stream after esp trekking etc! 🙂

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